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  1. The Tenant shall have the right to occupy and use for a holiday the premises and the furniture and fixtures and effects therein


  1. Payment terms:-
    1. Confirmation of booking:- Payment of 50% of the Rent (“the Deposit”) & signature of the tenancy agreement confirms the booking. Until the Deposit is received and this agreement is signed the booking is not confirmed. The Deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation.
    2. Payment of balance & Security Deposit:- The balance of the Rent and the Security Deposit must be paid no less than 60 days prior to check-in. If the Rent is not paid in full by no less than 60 days before check-in, the booking will be cancelled and the deposit forfeit.
    3. Cancellation:- In the event of a cancellation, a 50% refund of the Rent less money transfer fees will be paid until 14 days prior to check-in. If the booking is cancelled within 14 days of check-in, the Rent in full will be forfeit and the Security Deposit returned less any deductions permitted by this agreement.
    4. Security Deposit:- The Security Deposit will be held against damage, breakages and breach of the terms herein. The Security Deposit will be returned after a check-out, less bank fees (approx. €6) & less any sums for a breach of the terms herein and deductions permitted by this agreement.


  1. The Tenant attaches to this agreement the following:-
    1. A photocopy of the Tenant’s passport (the photo page)
    2. A list of persons and ages who will be staying
    3. Address of the Principal Tenant
    4. Bank details to facilitate the return of the security deposit after the tenancy


Where the booking has been through a 3rd party, the terms agreed at the time of the website booking will prevail where they conflict with these terms unless no resolution of any dispute has been possible in accordance with the 3rd party’s terms in which case these terms shall prevail. In all other circumstances these terms apply to the agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant.



Pay the Rent and Security Deposit to Mountain People in the manner and on the date/s agreed in full. Any transfer or currency charges are at the Tenant’s expense and the Rent and Security Deposit will not be paid until Mountain People have received the Rent and Security Deposit in full

The Security Deposit will be returned to the Tenant after the holiday minus any deductions for a breach of the terms herein including any difference between the Rent agreed and that received by Mountain People. Where the Security Deposit has been provided by bank transfer or Paypal, Mountain People will return the Security Deposit that is due less the associated bank or transfer charges incurred (approximately £5 within Europe and £25 outside of Europe)

If the Landlord cancels the holiday letting because of force majeur or for any reason that makes the premises unfit for rental the Tenant will receive a full refund of all monies paid to Mountain People. No liability for any consequential loss or incidental expenditure resulting from the cancellation is accepted and the Tenant confirms travel insurance for themselves & their group staying with them


Use the premises for the purpose of a private holiday residence for the agreed number and identity of persons and not for any other purpose whatsoever. Children must be supervised at all times

The Tenant must not assign, underlet or part with or share possession of the premises or any part of it and the Tenant must not use the premises or any part of it for any improper, immoral or illegal purposes

Not eat or consume the Landlord’s food or drink at the premises, use or borrow the Landlord’s clothes, boots, climbing and skiing and other equipment found at the premises

Keep free from all blockages and obstructions all baths, sinks, lavatories, cisterns or pipes. Not keep or allow pets of any kind at the premises without the prior written agreement of Mountain People. Not smoke or permit smoking inside or on the premises

Not do anything that may be of a nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord or the occupiers of adjoining premises nor do anything that may vitiate any insurance of the premises against fire or otherwise. Not make any alteration to or addition to the premises, not remove any furniture fixtures and effects from the premises and use the premises and fittings in a responsible tenant like manner

Upon leaving the premises at the end of the holiday:-

(i) identify to Mountain People by an email a list any breakages that have occurred during the stay whether to the fixtures, fittings or contents

(ii) leave all the floors, fixtures and fittings in the same clean state and condition that they were at the beginning of the holiday & leave all furniture and effects at the end of the holiday in the same rooms or places in which they were at the beginning of the holiday

(iii) pay for all such articles of furniture, fixtures and effects as shall be broken lost damaged or destroyed at the full replacement cost (reasonable wear and tear excepted)

Allow the Landlord, his agents or servants at reasonable times to enter, inspect, maintain and clean the premises. If at any time during the holiday any term of this agreement is broken or not observed the Landlord may re-enter the premises and upon re-entry this agreement shall determine but without prejudice to any right of action against the Tenant for breach of this agreement


The Tenant must report to Mountain People any complaint, disrepair or defect in respect of the premises or the fixtures and fittings and report any failure of mechanical or electrical appliances immediately so that steps can be taken to rectify the same. If complaints have been made orally they must be made in writing within 14 days of departure. Complaints cannot be considered unless you have followed the procedure identified

Mountain People operates a complaints resolution procedure the terms of which can be supplied on request. The Landlord will endeavour to resolve complaints to the Tenant’s satisfaction and whilst the complaints procedure is being followed the Tenant, his or her group agree to not by themselves, counsel or procure any negative feedback or complaint on social media or on the internet or elsewhere

The Courts of England & Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction concerning any disputes or liability arising from the occupation of the premises and the law governing this agreement shall be that of England and Wales


The Landlord cannot guarantee the enjoyment of the premises, the fixtures and fittings thereof and save where provided by statute with regard to personal injury the Landlord is not liable for any loss, damage or consequential loss howsoever caused. In any event, the maximum liability of the Landlord for any loss and damage howsoever caused shall be limited to the value of the rent paid by the Tenant

The information and descriptions supplied are believed to be accurate and are offered in good faith. It may be possible that certain facilities or features may not be available on occasions for which the Landlord accepts no liability. The Tenant must follow the complaints resolution procedure with a view to resolving complaints. In particular, where there is internet access, a television/s or other multimedia facilities at the premises, there is no warranty that the equipment will be operational or that any specific channels, films, DVD, records or CD’s will be available. No compensation will be offered for loss of enjoyment in consequence the foregoing not being available. Tenants should bring their own means of accessing the internet etc. & viewing equipment if these items are important for them

Mountain People act as the Landlord’s agent on the letting of the premises. Save where provided by statute with regard to personal injury Mountain People are not liable for any loss, damage or consequential loss howsoever caused


To pay & indemnify the tenant against all taxes assessments and outgoings in respect of the premises. Upon the Tenant paying the rent and performing the agreement herein the Tenant may quietly posses and enjoy the premises during the holiday without any unlawful interruption from the Landlord

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