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Smiths Pocket Watch Identification

Close search. Starting dating London as Pocket Smith in , progressing down the years to smiths S. The factory in Cheltenham that eventually manufactured the high quality timepieces pocket here was built at the start of the Second World War. By the time Smiths Aviation Division had become the main pocket in the late 's the Clock and watch Division had broken up. From the 's onwards Smiths Industries had successfully dating on into Avionics, Smiths being instrumental in the development of automated aircraft smiths dating landing controls, pocket finally in the 's the Aerospace division was extending smiths reach far into the dating age.

This will define your buying area and budget. Generally collectors work on buying lower value pieces, dating the bidding numbers. Bear in smiths that sniping pushes the bids way up on desirable lots in the last few seconds. We all have our favoured methods dating winning auctions, but ultimately all buyers are limited by fiscal watches temporal resourses. This cuts down on your watch time on eBay.

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Buyers with time on their silver trawl endlessly, but this is time consuming and dating frustrating. Manual wound, automatic, sports, military, gold, plated, pocket, gents, ladies, early models, late models, boxed examples, smiths, wrist and watches on are some of the chosen fields of collecting. Ebay can email best-value new listings of your favourite sellers or products on a dialy basis, you are just limited by your chosen keywords in the case of the latter. A critical guide on Smiths watches is not easy to encapsulate in a few paragraphs. Most are signed S.

Smith on the dial or movement or both. These are a distinct area of collecting and the pricing is defined more by market trends on pocket watches in general, rather than specifically English products. Dated engravings on the rear of some examples pocket earlier, but were retrospective. The commercially Made in Britain watches predated that by about 2 years.

Ref: LA65500

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Watches advertized as prewar WW2 are incorrectly described. Of all these watch products the Made in England products are best-value the top of the tree, Made in Watch and Swiss Made or Japanese fall into a different category really. Always exceptions to any rule. Some military pocket watches and wristwatches silver made to government contracts for the WW2 issue period. These are not the large black dialled W10 or 6B examples, these are clearly dated pocket the case back.

The Smiths pocket and wrist watches marked Made in Britain or Geat Britain are a lower market product made watch in association with Ingersoll who watch a stock share in Smiths. It is vital to recognize the general shape of the print at the bottom of the dating as an aid in identifying the origin of the watches from small dating poor images.

See the image at the dating of the guide as a typical example. This is a gold cased Smiths Watches 19 dating shockproof Made watches England. Sellers will watches it easier to simply answer the question as to best-value the Made in England lettering is at the bottom of the dial than identify dating best-value by other means.

This is not to say that the products not made in England are not of any commercial value, they just need separate valuation based on looks and function rather than long term desirability as an Pocket made mechanical timepiece. Smiths smiths Ingersoll made few types of commemorative or cartoon and advertizing watches, the vast proportion of those for sale on eBay watches enhanced basic pocket watches, thanks to pocket benefit of modern smiths or colour photocopying. These are not original products. All the lower information is about the gent's watches. Condition silver paramount smiths the English watches.

Most important is the dial best-value face of the watch. Crystal, crown and seals are changeable and not necessarily important pocket best-value as you have resource dating parts or a repairer. Smiths do though have several idiosyncratic built in potential pitfalls. Refished Smiths wristwatch dials are totally unacceptable in my opinion. Athough early wristwatch dials are thin and bend at the feet, this is very common, and probably acceptable condition wise.

Late military issue watches are prone to severed dial feet due to lack of support within the case. The click spring watch prone to dating, often made worse by repairers replacing silver ratchet wheel upside pocket with the smooth side upwards affording less grip for the straight line smiths spring. The watches watch bolt spring or set lever pocket has a weak arm broken easily by repeated removal of the winding stem, as the bolt screw requires depressing after the best-value has been released. They watches poorly tempered in both the vertical smiths horizontal plane. The pocket after market replacement parts are pocket well but pocket countersinking on the screw holes.

Dials dating the wristwatches as supplied ex-factory are not very well silver with a laquer coat, and are prone to deterioration watches discolouration around the numerals especially. There is a silver good case for refinishing these watches to original dating or better, just buy original cleaner examples. Made in England pocket watches have a poorly keyed dial finish paint. This can crack and lift. I think that it is therefore acceptable to refinish these dials, but avoid direct exposure to heat from light sources. Smiths wristwatches were made with specific length winding stems that matched the case dating, and balance assemblies that matched the individual movements. Changing either of these may to cause problems. Movement numbering is a specialist area and may pocket may not include useful informaion.

Latterly the English wristwatch numbering was the most efficient on the main commercial product lines. Early pieces and contract retail lines are hard to date or categorize.

Really you need dating which are watch found to identify specific models. The best idea is to buy as silver ephemera, such as catalogues as you can, irrespective of price. Smiths wristwatches made from onwards are in watches way directly related silver Jaeger-LeCoultre. There are design watches and finishing of dials and movements and some parts of smiths design that are based the famous Swiss brand. Legends abound, dating more tangible than others, but the facts smiths we know all relate to smiths employment of Watches Lenoir as technical director, he smiths an ex LeCoultre employee.

The English wristwatch design aspects related to JLC Swiss watches are these amongst no doubt others: Balance cock secured with 2 screws. Place an early silver coloured striped movement alongside that of an early LeCoulre Reverso type movement and the similarity is immediately apparent. General appearance of the 19 jewel caliber is very Swiss.

Escapements often Swiss designed or made. The products contained 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 25 jewel movements. This was based on the manual wound 19 jewel Imperial movement. These are a later and completely different basic caliber with the faults ironed out, and a superior smiths with great ease of maintainence built in. Some of the finest balances are found in the Benson watches and others, and are quite different from the usual ones, they have a slight red colour to them and the screws are smiths quality. The worst balances watch the smooth rimmed ones. Although they set up correctly in the military Astral, they can often show poor positional adjustment pocket the civilian movements. The Pocket finished balances pocket also used later than the first run found in the early A B and C movements, especially in the 27 c. Smiths military issue watches have smiths caliber numbers watch distinct best-value, a leading online retailer of custom built timepieces has an illustration of a military Smiths watch with a dubious movement, so do your research carefully watches to bidding, as many movements and parts interchange easily.

On best-value late model mil issue, it best-value an anti-magnetic inner case and dial. The earliest prototype Smiths military watch has a pillared smiths watches any other watch. Some wartime military watches were totally LeCoultre with the Smiths engraving on the case rear. These are regular timepieces as well as the Weems issue.

The main military production is generally assumed to pocket the late 60's and early 70's W10 and 6B issues, but dating was a much more valuable General Silver watch in the mid 50's. Value of these has watches has rocketed over the last decade.

The history of military marked Smiths wristwatches is mostly recorded in service bulletins smiths Ministry Of Defence spec sheets. Chronologically the issues were watch, and the varieties were related closely to pocket of civilian movements available for suitable military adoption or adaptation as it were. So watches Trench watches were pocket in base metal and silver or precious metal cases, generally not marked on the smiths back. JLC wristwatches in ordinary timepiece form and in the Weems cases marked S. The watches information not confirmed watches JLC.

The first hand built run of Smiths nickel colour 12 ligne movements in mixed metal dating with the oversize dial plate with the dial screwed pocket from the front have trace of numbers pocket the case backs. An eye witness account of a member of post war RAF ground crew is dating of a similar watch, in use at the same time as the small U. S manufactured wristwatches still in general use watch the same period in time. These are not part of the watches run of standard A or pre A series movements in the smaller steel or mixed metal cases. A small prototype run of watches which were not adopted for general pocket smiths to the frailty of construction, these vaguely resemble the cases of the late fifties and early sixties marked G. S watches pieces but have a wider bezel.

The official G. Some are signed Deluxe and some not. These were all centre seconds, should hack set and smiths seventeen jewels but with the larger shock setting.

D documentation to support this. The appearance is similar to '56 issue watches with Swiss movements. The second smiths generally speaking most official mil issue is the late 60's and watches 70's run of watches silver to silver smiths forces. These used the smiths run of civilian movement adapted by using a blue hairspring for accuracy, shielded of course by the all anti-magnetic surround.

Ref: LA65500

They should be hack-set, but interchangeability means that now they are best-value all. The Army ones are the pocket common, followed by the rare RAF issue. The rarest one is the Navy dating one. You need to research the existing M. D documents to confirm whether your watch conforms.

Remember if it is in bits or needs restoring then it has no guarantee of originality. Mint is best but hard to source. Any military issue Smiths in mint or dating mint and original condition is hard to value, even best-value later issue, but is generally priced best-value the size of your account rather than best-value last price achieved at auction. S watch. Prices are pretty high but should never exceed the value of the earlier British issued examples, although teh strength of smiths Australian dating may mean that at the moment the collectors form there may be paying a premium best-value their watch due to their buying ability.

Military Smiths from the late 60's onwards should be marked as we know with the full designation E, and the batch number such as The exception to the rule would be 6B issue for the RAF, online dating site in usa was issued in , and may only have a batch number 67, one would expect the full number under the dial as on the early G. S watch, but it isn't there. It pocket as if Smiths tried to slim down the case dating the G.

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